Welcome to the Internet Archive

If you’ve never heard of the Internet Archive then you’re in for a treat. They […]

Fusion-io Unveils 1.6 TB ioFX super-SSD

All the speed. Fusion-io have upped their range of super-expensive, super-SSDs. Their newest offering comes […]

Kim Dotcom Offers €10,000 to Break Mega’s Security

Yep, Kim Dotcom’s so confident in the open source security used on his file sharing […]

Kingston HyperX Predator – 1TB USB Flash Drive

Finally, something launched at CES 2013 that’s actually interesting.  Kingston have publicly announced a new range of super-fast USB […]

Transporter: A New Way to Share, Access and Protect Files

There are many concerns with storing private data in the cloud, so the creators of […]