Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Revealed!!

I know that this is kinda old news now and you have probably all already […]

New Star Wars: Battlefront Details Heading Our Way

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Ultimate Costume: Darth Malgus

Creating highly detailed costumes for use in movies and as a way of showing just […]

Darth Baby Strikes Back [video]

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The Destruction of the Death Star was an Inside Job

Conspiracy theories can sometimes be pretty funny to ‘rational’ people, this one’s just great. Graham Putnam […]

New Star Wars FPS On The Way?

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Nerd Fail: Obama Mixes Up Star Wars & Star Trek

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GoPro Lightsaber Duel

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Tickle Me Elmo – Frozen in Carbonite

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New LEGO UCS Set to be Red Five X-Wing

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Harrison Ford will be Han Solo in the Next Star Wars Film

The people involved in the next Star Wars film are look mighty sweet.  Harrison Ford […]


Ok…  So this is fan-made, but still.  Holy.  Shit.  It does look awesome!  The advert […]