Watch Sony’s Official PS4 Unboxing Video

Sony have now officially released their own unboxing video for the PlayStation 4. While the […]

Kinect 2.0 Replaces Headset In All Xbox One Bundles

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PS3 4.46 Firmware Update Fixes Issues Of 4.45

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PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Causing Problems

The latest PlayStation 3 firmware update (4.45) has been causing some major problems on the […]

PS4 £80 Cheaper Than The Xbox One

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PlayStation 4 Box Teased In New Video

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PS4 is a “perfect gaming PC”

An executive at Epic Games has called Sony’s latest console a “really perfect gaming PC”. […]

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Video Teardown

I wish all hardware makers did this… Sony have produced a video showing the insides […]

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is the Thinnest Ever and Waterproof

Sony has unveiled their new tablet today at MWC Barcelona, and it’s really pushing current industry boundaries. Not […]

Amazon PS4 Reviews are Hilarious

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Xbox 720 Will Be Revealed in April

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