Apple Facing 5 Year eBook Ban

Lovely Apple is now facing a 5 year ban for illegally inflating eBook prices. In […]

Apple Ebooks

We Have a Forum! Welcome to moot

Using bleeding-edge technology is always fun… In this case anyway, that should be true. […]

Minecraft Has Sold Over 10M Copies on PC, Horses Coming Soon

Minecraft has been an undeniable success for Mojang, selling over 10 million copies for the […]

Meet Facebook’s New ‘Home’ On Android

There have been rumors circulating the blogosphere over the past weeks that Facebook’s was planning […]

Ubuntu’s Axing Wubi in Next Release

The helpful tool that enables instant Ubuntu fun from a Windows machine is going to […]

Steve Wozniak Explains Virtualization in a Fun Video

The tech grandmaster, Steve Wozniak, has narrated a video depicting how one of today’s most […]

Want to Make Pretty Infographics? is the Answer

Those visual representations of data you see floating around the web are a great idea, […]

Blast From the Past: Buying a Computer in 1993 (video)

Purchasing a personal computer when 2MB of RAM was a luxury wasn’t a fun task, […]

Play DOOM with the Raspberry Pi DOS Emulator

One thing the Raspberry Pi’s been lacking until now is a DOS emulator. Playing Doom […]

Spy on Tube Trains with the Live London Underground Map

Live maps are epic. Using computing to watch the world go by is great fun. […]

BBC Creates Open Source TV Application Layer

The good old BBC’s created a new application layer to distribute content to as many […]

Activision Demonstrates Very Life-Like Facial Rendering

Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be having a go at creating realistic face […]