Nerd Fail: Obama Mixes Up Star Wars & Star Trek

This is an actual image posted by the White House on Twitter to acknowledge a […]

Telepathy is Finally a Reality

A group of scientists have successfully given two rats telepathy, the rats have the ability to communicate […]

Death Star Like Laser Creates Artificial Stars

The very large telescope (VLT) at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) can fire a highly […]

DARPA BigDog Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks

Boston Dynamics build some of the most cutting-edge robots out there. BigDog is one mean […]

What’s the Difference Between Butter and Margarine?

Another awesome video from our friends at AsapSCIENCE demonstrates some great facts that I guaranty you didn’t know. Brought to you […]

Did You Know Our Solar System is Really a Vortex?

Visualising anything to do with space is normally difficult due to vast scale and forces […]

NASA: What Exploded Over Russia?

So what exactly was that thing that crash landed in Russia? Apparently it wasn’t a […]

Tesla Coil Rock Band

Everyone loves Tesla coils, and playing music through them is also pretty fun. This example shows a […]

How to Hack a Monkey’s Brain

In a fascinating TED Talk by neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, the possibilities of brain hacking are discussed. He explains his […]

Infinite Energy for Everyone Could be Here in 15 Years

With our energy use growing ever day, coal and gas power are probably not the […]

Cool Folding Egg ‘Experiment’

“The Folding Egg activity is actually an extension of the classic Rubber Egg experiment with […]

How Big are Rockets?

Some are small and some are big.  Just like everything…  Thanks to this great infographic, […]