Ultimate Costume: Darth Malgus

Creating highly detailed costumes for use in movies and as a way of showing just […]

Darth Baby Strikes Back [video]

This video is a masterclass in how to get after effects looking really good, and […]

Quadcopter Squadron Illuminates London with Star Trek Emblem

During Earth Hour a fleet of 30 quadcopters took to the skies above London’s Tower Bridge, […]

The Destruction of the Death Star was an Inside Job

Conspiracy theories can sometimes be pretty funny to ‘rational’ people, this one’s just great. Graham Putnam […]

Goodbye Repetitive Jobs – Baxter Can Do It Cheaper

The creator of Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner, has produced a new machine that could […]

Nerd Fail: Obama Mixes Up Star Wars & Star Trek

This is an actual image posted by the White House on Twitter to acknowledge a […]

Open Source Cyber Attack Ranking System: The Gibson Index

What with all the hacking going on nowadays, a way of defining the severity of […]

Telepathy is Finally a Reality

A group of scientists have successfully given two rats telepathy, the rats have the ability to communicate […]

Death Star Like Laser Creates Artificial Stars

The very large telescope (VLT) at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) can fire a highly […]

DARPA BigDog Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks

Boston Dynamics build some of the most cutting-edge robots out there. BigDog is one mean […]

GoPro Lightsaber Duel

Why hasn’t anybody done this before? Hopefully a technique similar to this epic little video […]

Create Your Own Asteroid Impact

With so much interest in meteorites and asteroids recently, why not have a play with a few […]