MōVI – The Camera Stabilizer That Will Change Cinematography Forever

Stabilising video cameras is very challenging, the current systems are large, expensive and require trained technicians to […]

Rolling Shutter CMOS Fun: Acoustic Guitar Edition

Camera sensors, including those used in phones, use what’s called a ‘rolling shutter’ to capture […]

Hidden Gems in BT’s London Gigapixel Image

Oh Reddit, you truly are the slightly perverted hive mind of the internet. In a sizeable thread, users are […]

Amusing Webcomic Made Entirely from LEGO

microkosmic is a great website showcasing Christian Cantrell’s humours Lego creations in the form of […]

Guy Builds Camera Out of a Van

You can turn almost anything into a camera, plastic bins, film canisters and now vans. […]

Facebook’s Going to Archive Your Data

Facebook owns a lot of data, in fact more than anyone else. It’s estimated that […]

Meet Canon’s Virtual Reality System: MREAL

Canon today announced its Mixed Reality System also know as MREAL, similar to Google’s Project […]

Time Lapse to the Max

‘Arty’ time lapse videos can be great and this one’s no exception.  It was created […]

Video: Nikkor Lens Production

Nikkor (Nikon’s lens making division) has celebrated their 80th anniversary recently and produced a great video outlining […]

Original Macintosh in LEGO

To celebrate the Apple Macintosh’s 29th birthday Chirs McVeigh has created the machine in Lego.  His design […]

Join in with Zooniverse

Launched in 2009, the website Zooniverse has been a huge success.  From the first project […]

The Outer Child: Extracting the Inner Child

Something’s not quite right about the above image.  It’s actually a photo of an adult […]