Life as an Airline Pilot

Flying large aircraft all over the world; enjoying new and interesting lands on a weekly basis, and […]

Star Wars: Into Darkness Trailer

If JJ Abrams had directed the original Star Wars trilogy the trailer would look like […]

Unaired Dexter’s Lab Episode Now on YouTube

Finally a never-before-seen episode of the popular children’s television show Dexter’s Lab is available for your viewing pleasure. […]

Top 5: Electrical Engineering Channels on YouTube

What’s better than watching someone tear apart an old gadget to study the inner workings? […]

R’ha – Great Sci-Fi Short

A lot can be done with a modern computer.  Kaleb Lechowski has created a fantastic […]

Saab Gripen Advert is Awesome

Saab’s Gripen is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever made.  A new promotional advert […]

The AT-AT Dog

Today’s ‘must watch’ is one that many of you will find heart warming and a […]

Hilarious video shows the nasty side to ESD

Mehdi Sadaghdar seems to be a funny guy.  His YouTube video shows you how not […]

2012 In 4 Minutes

Lots of things happened in 2012, now imagine all of them squashed into 4 minutes. […]

Lego Machine Sorts Lego

You should be familiar with The Great Ball Contraption (if not then watch it first), but this […]

Amazing Facts to Blow your Mind

Another awesome video from our friends at AsapSCIENCE demonstrates some great facts that I guaranty you didn’t […]

Online Shopping in Real Life

When you think about it, online shopping is really annoying.  Google must agree to some […]