Samsung’s Galaxy Round Announced

Samsung have officially unveiled a brand new smart phone known as the Galaxy Round, for […]

EU to End Mobile Roaming Charges Next Year

From next year mobile phone users across the European Union will not be subject to […]

HTC First – The First Phone with Facebook Home Built In

After months of collaboration between HTC and Facebook, their new smartphone has finally been announced. At first […]

The ARM Cortex-A57 Processor Uses a 16nm Design

ARM and TSMC have announced that their A57 processor is ready for production after only […]

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Video Teardown

I wish all hardware makers did this… Sony have produced a video showing the insides […]

Apple Patent Could Make iPhone Cases Obsolete

An Apple patent could remove the need to coat your beautiful gadgets in unsightly silicone. The […]

New On-Screen Keyboard Design: Minuum

Touch screen keyboards are normally rubbish compared to their physical cousins, they also waste a […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the new Samsung Galaxy’s leaked feature, an Eye-Tracking system. This […]

Google Maps Indoors Hits Australia

The best map service just got better – Google Maps now supports internal building plans […]

Early iPhone Prototype Was a 5×7″ Tablet

Ars Technica have managed to get their hands on some images of a very early […]

ifixit Tablet Repairability Chart Isn’t Surprising

Tablets are not the easiest things to repair, they often have screens that are glued […]