Instagram Is Coming To Windows Phone

Nokia have officially confirmed that Instagram is on its way to Windows Phone, and it’s […]

New Xbox Kinect Will Not Be Compatible With The PC

We have already learned that the Xbox One’s Kinect will be replacing the headset in […]

Kinect 2.0 Replaces Headset In All Xbox One Bundles

Looks like Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot again.  When you buy an Xbox […]

Xbox Games Will Remain At Same Price

Xbox One games will retail at $60(£38), Microsoft has told Gamespot. This means both of the […]

PS4 £80 Cheaper Than The Xbox One

With both the Microsoft and Sony conferences taking place yesterday at E3, we finally got […]

Upgrading through every version of Windows: 5.0 to 7

Okay, so not every version of Windows – this video was made a few years […]

Xbox One REVEALED!!!

I am guessing that a lot of you watched the unveiling live anyway, so this […]

Apple Devices Set to Outsell Microsoft this Year

For the first time, Apple is predicted to outsell Microsoft’s offerings thanks to smartphone sales. Market […]

PS4 is a “perfect gaming PC”

An executive at Epic Games has called Sony’s latest console a “really perfect gaming PC”. […]

A Genius Accountant has Created a Spreadsheet RPG & It’s Bloody Brilliant

The history of Excel just got considerably more interesting. A Canadian accountant has successfully create a role […]

‘Hacking the Xbox’ Released for Free in Memory of Aaron Swartz

The author of Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Andrew “bunnie” Huang, has released his book […]