Minecraft Has Sold Over 10M Copies on PC, Horses Coming Soon

Minecraft has been an undeniable success for Mojang, selling over 10 million copies for the […]

Ubuntu’s Axing Wubi in Next Release

The helpful tool that enables instant Ubuntu fun from a Windows machine is going to […]

China Building National Ubuntu Distro

Canonical have announced that they’re teaming up with the National University of Defence Technology (NUDT) to release a new desktop […]

The Humble Bundle with Android 5 Looks Great

The new Humble Bundle looks mighty interesting if you own an Android device. As always, […]

University of Leeds Creates Submerged Server Farm

Using a non-conductive liquid to cool computers has been proven in the past to be […]

Ubuntu for Tablets is Here

Canonical, the producers of Ubuntu have announced a new version specifically for tablets.  Unlike Android and Windows 8 RT […]

Steam Client for Linux is Here

You can now play some of the biggest titles available on Steam on your Linux […]

The Ubuntu Phone is here UPDATED

Canonical have created a phone operating system.  The software was shown for the first time […]

Linux vs Windows

The last in the ‘vs’ miniseries is a classic.  Again, these pieces are designed to […]

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

Today’s ‘VS’ features two of the most popular Linux distributions.  Both are user-friendly and are a great […]

94% of Supercomputers run Linux

469 of the top 500 supercomputers in the world run one form of Linux or […]

Linux on a Calculator

An owner of TI’s flagship graphical calculator has managed to install Linux on the device. […]