The Planet Song – Watch Now

Who doesn’t love a weird video on the internet?  If you’re spending time with children […]

Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?

Have you ever noticed that the YouTube view count stops at 301 on popular videos? […]

Ultimate Password Cracking Rig

Cracking passwords using stolen hashes is becoming big business, but what systems do these naughty […]

Syria has lost its Connection to the Internet

All IP addresses from Syria have become unreachable today.  This will make it very difficult […]

Lego Minifig Patent on Google

Thanks to Google Patents, you can now view the original Minifig patent.  This has to be one […]

The ReCode Project: Computer Art at its Finest

Computer art is an acquired taste.  It is generated by algorithms to draw lines and filled-areas, some […]

Dumb Ways to Die

Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia have produced about the most adorable video on YouTube.  Really, just watch […]

Xbox Live: Is it worth it?

I used to be a great fan of Xbox Live, which I no longer use, […]

AdjustYourPrivacy Secures Your Online Life

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single website where you can easily view all […]

Mozilla kills 64bit Firefox

Mozilla has quietly killed the 64bit version of Firefox, even though an estimated 50% of […]

How old is the Internet?

So, how old is the internet?  Thanks to a simple website you can find out. […]

Opera: Most popular browser in… Belarus

The Opera web browser is the fifth most used internet browser globally  in one European country, that is […]