The AT-AT Dog

Today’s ‘must watch’ is one that many of you will find heart warming and a […]

Top 10: Best Website Speed Testers

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Reeddit: The Beautiful, Read-Only Reddit Web-App

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2012 In 4 Minutes

Lots of things happened in 2012, now imagine all of them squashed into 4 minutes. […]

Watch Global Air Traffic in Real-Time

This has to be one of the best uses for Google maps ever.  Flightradar24 allows […]

Amazing Facts to Blow your Mind

Another awesome video from our friends at AsapSCIENCE demonstrates some great facts that I guaranty you didn’t […]

Photoshop Master Turns Old Lady into Bieber

The renowned Alexander Koshelkov, Photoshop master, has created a video of him turning a photo of an old […]

One Game A Month – Get Creative in 2013

If you were looking for an excuse to actually start something productive this year then […]

The Joys of Fluid Coupling

Fluid coupling allows the transfer of motion from source to output with great control.  They […]

Online Shopping in Real Life

When you think about it, online shopping is really annoying.  Google must agree to some […]

Charlie the Unicorn Returns

If you’re not familiar with the adventures of Charlie the Unicorn then you must’ve been […]

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this…

As a special present from jHack, why not watch this amazing piece of stop-motion.  You […]