Arduino Powered Chess

Playing chess with your friend on the other side of the planet is nothing new; […]

Expand Your Mind: Jerry’s Map

It’s pretty rare to randomly find something on the internet that really blows your mind. […]

The Big Bang Theory: Flash Mob

Whether you enjoy TBBT or not, this is pretty funny.  The team decided to create […]

Where are the Cables that Carry the Internet?

There are now a number of interactive websites mapping those global network connections that enable you […]

YouTube to Start Charging for Content

Google is planning to start charging users of YouTube to view new ‘premium’ content.  Current […]

The DuckDuckGo Guide to Stop Browser Tracking

The search engine DuckDuckGo has now created a fantastic site that informs you on how […]

Anonymous: Operation Last Resort

Anonymous has launched a new and very intriguing campaign against the US Government and Justice System.  An encrypted file has […]

Join in with Zooniverse

Launched in 2009, the website Zooniverse has been a huge success.  From the first project […]

Top 5: Electrical Engineering Channels on YouTube

What’s better than watching someone tear apart an old gadget to study the inner workings? […]

Saab Gripen Advert is Awesome

Saab’s Gripen is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever made.  A new promotional advert […]

Planet Four: Help discover Life on Mars

Alright so the title’s a little sensational but you can still help discover some awesome stuff.  Plant […]

Valve`s “Steam Box” – The big picture for your living room

Today at the International Consumer Electronics show (CES) Steam PC developer Xi3 announced it had received investment from Valve and would […]