Realtime Cyber Attack Map – Sit Back and Watch the Chaos Unfold

This awesome live map highlights cyber attacks as they happen. It utilises Deutsche Telekom (German T-Mobile) […]

Rolling Shutter CMOS Fun: Acoustic Guitar Edition

Camera sensors, including those used in phones, use what’s called a ‘rolling shutter’ to capture […]

Hidden Gems in BT’s London Gigapixel Image

Oh Reddit, you truly are the slightly perverted hive mind of the internet. In a sizeable thread, users are […]

CloudFlare Brought Down Most of the Internet Today

Someone, somewhere probably just got fired for this massive cock-up… CloudFlare – a content delivery network […]

Open Source Cyber Attack Ranking System: The Gibson Index

What with all the hacking going on nowadays, a way of defining the severity of […]

HTML5 Exploit Allows Cat Based Fun (& Possible Crashes) downloads an unlimited number of cat images, filling up your memory and eventually causing […]

Useless Tech: OREO Separator Machine

The amount of effort put into this project by physicist David Neevel is concerning. He […]

GoPro Lightsaber Duel

Why hasn’t anybody done this before? Hopefully a technique similar to this epic little video […]

Next-Gen Video Compression H.265 Looks Great

Video compression is an important part of modern computing, internet videos wouldn’t exist in today’s […]

Tesla Coil Rock Band

Everyone loves Tesla coils, and playing music through them is also pretty fun. This example shows a […]