Amiga 500 Teardown Fun from the EEVblog

Dave Jones has done it again, this time he’s set his sights on some vintage […]

The History Of Programming Languages

The first programming language actually dates to just before the 1940’s.  Over the course of […]

Expand Your Mind: Jerry’s Map

It’s pretty rare to randomly find something on the internet that really blows your mind. […]

The Lego Minifig Infographic

The iconic design of the Lego minifig is beautiful and rich in history.  For your […]

Woman Needed as Surrogate for Neanderthal Baby

Yep, it’s really happening.  A prominent scientist is nearing completion on work that will allow the cloning […]

Future Timeline: Accurate Predictions for the Future is a website devoted to predicting the future of mankind.  From new advances in technology that […]

2012 In 4 Minutes

Lots of things happened in 2012, now imagine all of them squashed into 4 minutes. […]

The Android Android could have looked very different

Thank god Dan Morrill, a Google employee, was never allowed to create the final Android mascot. […]

The History of the Graphical User Interface and its Future

Possibly the most important feature of a modern computer system is the graphical user interface.  […]

The History of CPUs: Intel 4004 to Pentium

The CPU Is regarded as the brains of the computer, it is responsible for performing […]

Oldest Computer Restored

The world’s oldest working digital computer has been restored, and is now on display at […]

G. Robert Vincent – a sound pioneer

On 13th November 1985 G. Robert Vincent died with a legacy of over 8,000 voice recordings […]