Do want: Corsair Voyager Air

I’ve just stumbled across a very unique product from Corsair – the PC builder’s best […]

Corsair Voyager Air

Intel i7 4770K Gets Overclocked To 7GHz

The next series of i7 chips aren’t even available to the public yet, but a […]

Cheap Green Laser Examination

Mike from mikeselectricstuff, the YouTube channel that received second place in the Top 5: Electrical Engineering […]

Fusion-io Unveils 1.6 TB ioFX super-SSD

All the speed. Fusion-io have upped their range of super-expensive, super-SSDs. Their newest offering comes […]

Steve Wozniak Explains Virtualization in a Fun Video

The tech grandmaster, Steve Wozniak, has narrated a video depicting how one of today’s most […]

The ARM Cortex-A57 Processor Uses a 16nm Design

ARM and TSMC have announced that their A57 processor is ready for production after only […]

Blast From the Past: Buying a Computer in 1993 (video)

Purchasing a personal computer when 2MB of RAM was a luxury wasn’t a fun task, […]

Activision Demonstrates Very Life-Like Facial Rendering

Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be having a go at creating realistic face […]

Raspberry Pi Production – Goodbye China, Hello Wales

Element 14, one of the two company’s producing the single-board marvel, has stated that they’re […]

Belkin Have Bought Linksys from Cisco – It’s a Sad Day

Damn, this is really sad. Belkin (I shudder typing those six letters) has acquired Linksys from Cisco […]

The Eight Quadrillionth Bit of π is 0

To celebrate Pi Day, one researcher has found more digits of the magical ratio than […]

Chrome OS Impossible to Hack

The Chromebook’s operating system: Chrome OS, has proven to be too hard to hack at […]