Luckiest Child in World gets Custom Carbon-Fibre Super Car

The son of an auto-fabricator is literally the luckiest child on earth.  His father created a custom electric car […]

Computer Science Student Expelled for Finding Security Flaw [Updated]

This is one of those stories that’s simply unbelievable.  A Canadian college has expelled a Computer […]

APC – The Bargain Android Powered Microcomputer

If you’re looking for something to blow that Christmas money on then we might have […]

The Hexapod Hexacopter – Welcome to the Future

Quadcopters and hexapod robots are becoming very popular, they both offer great fun (with a […]

Manuel – The Twitter Linked, Talking Moose

If you’re bored this Christmas, why not take a look at Manuel the talking moose.  Yes […]

Portal on a TI Caluclator

It’s common for programmers to create copies of their favourite content on other devices, just […]

Ultimate Password Cracking Rig

Cracking passwords using stolen hashes is becoming big business, but what systems do these naughty […]

Wii U CPU Specs Revealed

A well-known Hacker called Marcan, who has also played a part in hacking the PS3, […]

Candle-Powered Electric Candle

This is one of the most stupid inventions that I’ve seen this year.  In fact […]

Galaxy S3 – password fail

The Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s flagship phone, it’s a top of the line device that […]

Linux on a Calculator

An owner of TI’s flagship graphical calculator has managed to install Linux on the device. […]

Real time 3D mapping with the Kinect

A group of academics have stopped prancing around in front of their Xbox Kinect and […]