You Can Now Pre-Order A Nano Quadcopter

Not many of us get to play with quadcopters, that’s about to change thanks to […]

Pulse Jet Snowmobile: Travel on Snow Like a Boss

Sweden, never change.  Towards the end of winter, Orsa Speed Weekend takes place.  This event […]

The History Of Programming Languages

The first programming language actually dates to just before the 1940’s.  Over the course of […]

Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi is Here

If you own a Raspberry Pi you can now play a trimmed-down version of everyone’s […]

The Pirate Bay Documentary is Now Out

TPB AFK is now available for your viewing pleasure.  The documentary is based on the […]

Arduino Powered Chess

Playing chess with your friend on the other side of the planet is nothing new; […]

Kim Dotcom Offers €10,000 to Break Mega’s Security

Yep, Kim Dotcom’s so confident in the open source security used on his file sharing […]

Robotics Club Help Cat Walk

A robotics club at Conifer High School have helped a feline move for the first time.  The […]

The LEGO Ball Clock

Jason Allemann has created a fantastic clock that’s made entirely out of Lego.  He didn’t use a conventional design but […]

The DuckDuckGo Guide to Stop Browser Tracking

The search engine DuckDuckGo has now created a fantastic site that informs you on how […]

Anonymous: Operation Last Resort

Anonymous has launched a new and very intriguing campaign against the US Government and Justice System.  An encrypted file has […]

What’s inside an Apple Macintosh SE?

Dave Jones at the EEV Blog has got hold of an Apple Macintosh SE to […]