China Building National Ubuntu Distro

Canonical have announced that they’re teaming up with the National University of Defence Technology (NUDT) to release a new desktop […]

Billboard Hackers Given an iPad Each for Their Hard Work

For once a story about students hacking something has ended without prison time on the […]

Amiga 500 Teardown Fun from the EEVblog

Dave Jones has done it again, this time he’s set his sights on some vintage […]

‘Hacking the Xbox’ Released for Free in Memory of Aaron Swartz

The author of Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Andrew “bunnie” Huang, has released his book […]

Google Maps Indoors Hits Australia

The best map service just got better – Google Maps now supports internal building plans […]

Student Arrested for Demonstrating Security Flaw With Meatspin

This case is pretty funny and a little sad. A Florida State University student ‘hacked’ […]

Realtime Cyber Attack Map – Sit Back and Watch the Chaos Unfold

This awesome live map highlights cyber attacks as they happen. It utilises Deutsche Telekom (German T-Mobile) […]

Chrome OS Impossible to Hack

The Chromebook’s operating system: Chrome OS, has proven to be too hard to hack at […]

Space Glider: Sending an RC Glider to the Edge of Space

Using an old weather balloon to send a radio controlled glider to the edge of […]

CloudFlare Brought Down Most of the Internet Today

Someone, somewhere probably just got fired for this massive cock-up… CloudFlare – a content delivery network […]