Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Revealed!!

I know that this is kinda old news now and you have probably all already […]

The Assassin’s Creed Film Has Been Delayed

I know that films based off video games rarely turn out well (*cough* Street Fighter) […]

Need For Speed Film Being Shot Next Week

One of the scenes in the new Need for Speed film, featuring a McLaren P1, is […]

MōVI – The Camera Stabilizer That Will Change Cinematography Forever

Stabilising video cameras is very challenging, the current systems are large, expensive and require trained technicians to […]

Top 10 Worst Movie Hacks

How hackers and hacking are portrayed in films is always a laugh to anyone who knows anything […]

Quadcopter Squadron Illuminates London with Star Trek Emblem

During Earth Hour a fleet of 30 quadcopters took to the skies above London’s Tower Bridge, […]

Beetle Juice Themed Minecraft Roller Coaster

Using Minecraft to create fantastic sculptures, emulate vintage computers and craft roller coasters is difficult […]

The Destruction of the Death Star was an Inside Job

Conspiracy theories can sometimes be pretty funny to ‘rational’ people, this one’s just great. Graham Putnam […]

Tragic Short: A Story About Robots

Short films using CGI can be epic and this offering from Paramotion is no exception. This […]

Film Characters Made From LEGO

Master Lego builder Angus MacLane creates some spectacular things, now including film characters in his distinctive CubeDude […]

Game of Thrones Director – Piracy Doesn’t Hurt the Show

Game of Thrones director David Patrarca feels that a ‘cultural buzz’ is more important than ratings and that […]

GoPro Lightsaber Duel

Why hasn’t anybody done this before? Hopefully a technique similar to this epic little video […]