Online Throttling & Site-Blocking to be Outlawed in Europe

Under new rules soon to be enforced across Europe, ISPs can’t block or throttle customers […]

Welcome to the Internet Archive

If you’ve never heard of the Internet Archive then you’re in for a treat. They […]

The Best Tech April Fools’ Day Gags of 2013

Hope you had a wonderful April Fools’ day. As usual most of the major companies, including Google, got […]

Top Secret NSA Technical Journal Gets Declassified

Everyone’s favourite secretive organisation, the US’s NSA (National Security Agency), has declassified an internal magazine […]

‘Forecast’: The Prettyful Weather Web App

A new cross-platform weather app from the people behind Dark Sky should spice-up checking to […]

What Happens in an Internet Minute?

In just one minute the internet evolves dramatically. Over a quarter of a million Facebook logins occur […]

‘Hacking the Xbox’ Released for Free in Memory of Aaron Swartz

The author of Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Andrew “bunnie” Huang, has released his book […]

Netflix Has an ISP Speed Index

Netflix has created a great site that logs major ISPs based on country and shows […]

Game of Thrones Director – Piracy Doesn’t Hurt the Show

Game of Thrones director David Patrarca feels that a ‘cultural buzz’ is more important than ratings and that […]

Download the Entire Pirate Bay to a Memory Stick

Many have tried to shut down The Pirate Bay, one day someone might succeed.  You […]

The Pirate Bay Documentary is Now Out

TPB AFK is now available for your viewing pleasure.  The documentary is based on the […]

Convictions for File-Sharing Violate Human Rights!

This is really great!  The European Court of Human Rights has declared that the copyright […]