UK Government: Design Principles

If you’ve visited a government website recently you might have noticed the clean and recognisable […]

GTA V Box Art Revealed, Offers No Surprises

There have been many Grand Theft Auto 5 photos and videos revealed by Rockstar, but […]

Mouse Click and Keyboard Hit Art

Polish artistic programmer Marcin Ignac has been recording every mouse click and key pressed along with application use, over […]

Nokia’s 3D Maps are Basically a GTA V Preview

Google Maps 3D never looked too good to me, Nokia’s attempt is considerably more impressive though. Using […]

Craftsmanship to the Max: The Fletcher Capstan Table

It’s not often I get excited about a kitchen table, in fact that’s never happened… […]

Film Characters Made From LEGO

Master Lego builder Angus MacLane creates some spectacular things, now including film characters in his distinctive CubeDude […]

Hypnotic Paper Marbling

Creating beautiful artwork using ink and water requires great skill. The detail achievable with this technique is […]

Amusing Webcomic Made Entirely from LEGO

microkosmic is a great website showcasing Christian Cantrell’s humours Lego creations in the form of […]

Guy Builds Camera Out of a Van

You can turn almost anything into a camera, plastic bins, film canisters and now vans. […]

LEGO Series 10 Minifigs Revealed

Well this is exciting! The next series of Lego Minifigs to go on sale have […]

Cardboard Computer Fun

Okay, so this computer isn’t “An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in […]

Expand Your Mind: Jerry’s Map

It’s pretty rare to randomly find something on the internet that really blows your mind. […]