Welcome to the Internet Archive

If you’ve never heard of the Internet Archive then you’re in for a treat. They […]

Steve Wozniak Explains Virtualization in a Fun Video

The tech grandmaster, Steve Wozniak, has narrated a video depicting how one of today’s most […]

An Ode to Movie Mainframes

The use of computers in movies is dubious at the best of times; the “mainframe” has been […]

IBM Transistor Modification could Maintain Moore’s Law

IBM has come up with a modification to the current transistor design that will allow […]

Raspberry Pi Production – Goodbye China, Hello Wales

Element 14, one of the two company’s producing the single-board marvel, has stated that they’re […]

Science Museum: Vote for the Greatest British Innovation

The Science Museum has set up a fantastic platform allowing everyone to vote for the best past […]

The Eight Quadrillionth Bit of π is 0

To celebrate Pi Day, one researcher has found more digits of the magical ratio than […]

Amiga 500 Teardown Fun from the EEVblog

Dave Jones has done it again, this time he’s set his sights on some vintage […]

International Pi Day

A bell cannot tell time, but it can be moved in just such a way […]

Amazing 3D Desktop Developed at Microsoft

The SpaceTop is a 3D desktop environment that’s been demonstrated for the first time by creator Jinha […]

University of Leeds Creates Submerged Server Farm

Using a non-conductive liquid to cool computers has been proven in the past to be […]

The Smallest ARM Processor Ever is Designed to Inhabit You

Moore’s law isn’t really viable any more in the personal computing world as there’s only […]