Ken Levine Teasing New Sci-Fi Game

Ken Levine, the man behind the¬†BioShock franchise has been teasing that there is another sci-fi […]

Bioshock: Infinite Video – ‘Creating Elizabeth’

The video below gives you an insight into what it took to create Elizabeth and […]

Bioshock Rapture: A LEGO build

Does what it says on the tin.  The world of Rapture built entirely from Lego. […]

My Most Anticipated Games Of 2013

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Non-US Versions of BioShock Infinite Won’t Include Original

Publisher of Bioshock: Infinite, 2K, have announced that any PS3 version of the game that […]

No multiplayer for Bioshock Infinite

Ken Levine of Irrational Games has announced that the next Bioshock will be a solo […]