Apple Facing 5 Year eBook Ban

Lovely Apple is now facing a 5 year ban for illegally inflating eBook prices. In […]

Apple Ebooks

Apple Devices Set to Outsell Microsoft this Year

For the first time, Apple is predicted to outsell Microsoft’s offerings thanks to smartphone sales. Market […]

Minecraft Has Sold Over 10M Copies on PC, Horses Coming Soon

Minecraft has been an undeniable success for Mojang, selling over 10 million copies for the […]

‘Forecast’: The Prettyful Weather Web App

A new cross-platform weather app from the people behind Dark Sky should spice-up checking to […]

Must Watch: Oscilloscope Hack – Touhou Bad Apple Video

Using an oscilloscope to display a video source in one form or another is nothing […]

Apple Patent Could Make iPhone Cases Obsolete

An Apple patent could remove the need to coat your beautiful gadgets in unsightly silicone. The […]

Early iPhone Prototype Was a 5×7″ Tablet

Ars Technica have managed to get their hands on some images of a very early […]

The Humble Bundle with Android 5 Looks Great

The new Humble Bundle looks mighty interesting if you own an Android device. As always, […]

Apple Censoring iCloud Emails

This is a funny one: Apple are deleting emails that contain the phrase “barely legal […]

Samsung Smart Device Shipments Increase by 119% in 2012

2012 was a great year for Samsung, shipments of ‘smart devices’ increased from 114 million […]

Google Chromebook Pixel: Rip-Off to the Max

The new Chromebook has broken the current ethos, it’s really expensive.  The WiFi only version will cost… […]

Original Macintosh in LEGO

To celebrate the Apple Macintosh’s 29th birthday Chirs McVeigh has created the machine in Lego.  His design […]