Patent Trolls Kill Innovation

A patent troll is an individual or organisation that acquires patents through buying deceased companies that actually innovated once […]

Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics

Holy moly, this is really cool. Quadcopters or quadrocopters are awesome things, but this takes […]

Life as an Airline Pilot

Flying large aircraft all over the world; enjoying new and interesting lands on a weekly basis, and […]

Does FedEx have more Bandwidth than the Internet?

The answer is… yes.  This conundrum is really interesting, if you want to send a few-hundred gigabytes […]

New Iranian Jet: Qaher-313

Looking like something out of Ace Combat, this new bomber is designed and made entirely in Iran. […]

Saab Gripen Advert is Awesome

Saab’s Gripen is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever made.  A new promotional advert […]

Watch Global Air Traffic in Real-Time

This has to be one of the best uses for Google maps ever.  Flightradar24 allows […]