SpaceGlasses, Augmented Reality Glasses

Ever wanted to become Iron man? Well, you won’t be able to fly or be […]

Humble Origin Bundle Proves As Most Successful Ever

The latest Humble Bundle sees a great stack of six popular PC games, including: Crysis […]

Apple Facing 5 Year eBook Ban

Lovely Apple is now facing a 5 year ban for illegally inflating eBook prices. In […]

Apple Ebooks

Learning about FPGAs with Dave Jones

Do you know what an FPGA is? My knowledge prior to watching the following video was limited […]

Do want: Corsair Voyager Air

I’ve just stumbled across a very unique product from Corsair – the PC builder’s best […]

Corsair Voyager Air

Pitifully Slow Broadband Speeds can be Solved With Satellite Broardband

The standard internet speed for many American citizens, particularly those living in remote areas, is […]

Super Fast Broadband

Google Are Building A Games Console

Reports claim that Google are working an Android games console and a watch that will […]

New Xbox Kinect Will Not Be Compatible With The PC

We have already learned that the Xbox One’s Kinect will be replacing the headset in […]

Kinect 2.0 Replaces Headset In All Xbox One Bundles

Looks like Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot again.  When you buy an Xbox […]

PS3 4.46 Firmware Update Fixes Issues Of 4.45

Many people experienced issues after Sony released the 4.45 firmware update for the PlayStation 3. […]

Saints Row IV Banned in Australia

It was on January 1st of this year that Australia’s Federal Parliament added the brand […]

Thief Coming To Current Gen Consoles

We already know that the much anticipated Thief, Eidos Montreal’s reboot of the classic series, […]