Complaints Over Wii U Visuals

The Wii U is Nintendo’s first high definition console, and there are already concerns over […]

1TB Optical Disk on the horizon

Fujifilm are going to introduce a disk that can store a whopping 1TB of data. […]

How do you scan 250 pages of a book in a minute?

What a great device!  The simple rig uses two Nikon DSLR cameras and some clever […]

Windows 8 Sales: Disappointing

Sales of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system have not been as good as expected.  It […]

IBM PC in JavaScript

Ever wanted to play around with an IBM PC in your browser?  Well now you […]

Hexapod robot is the beginning of the end

This robot moves so smoothly that it could easily be mistaken for a horrifying, real […]

5 times larger Hard Disks comming

Thanks to a new fabrication technique, hard disks are likely to increase in size dramatically […]

LCD Price Fixing Conspiricy

If you purchased a TV between 2001 and 2006 there’s a chance that you paid […]

Turn the Desert Green

Qatar’s not just good at building skyscrapers, they are also good at turning the desert […]

GTA – Short Film

A great short film inspired by GTA is now on Youtube.  It’s a live action […]

Pay for WordPress with Bitcoin

You can now pay for upgrades at using bitcoins.  Paypal blocks access from over […]

72% of Smartphones run Android

Very nearly 3 out of 4 smartphones are running Android.  Only one year ago that […]