Pitifully Slow Broadband Speeds can be Solved With Satellite Broardband

The standard internet speed for many American citizens, particularly those living in remote areas, is […]

Super Fast Broadband

Online Throttling & Site-Blocking to be Outlawed in Europe

Under new rules soon to be enforced across Europe, ISPs can’t block or throttle customers […]

We Have a Forum! Welcome to moot

Using bleeding-edge technology is always fun… In this case anyway, that should be true. Moot.it […]

Google’s Search for Speed Means Dumping WebKit

The big G has announced that it’s dropping WebKit in favour of a new fork […]

YouTube No Longer Accepting New Uploads

After tonight YouTube will no longer be accepting new uploads. The creators of YouTube came up with the idea for […]

Want to Make Pretty Infographics? Infogr.am is the Answer

Those visual representations of data you see floating around the web are a great idea, […]

Spy on Tube Trains with the Live London Underground Map

Live maps are epic. Using computing to watch the world go by is great fun. […]

How to Get Verified on Twitter

That magical little blue icon with the tick in the middle turns out not to […]

What Happens in an Internet Minute?

In just one minute the internet evolves dramatically. Over a quarter of a million Facebook logins occur […]

The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B

In a great TED Talk, Danny Hillis warns of the impending doom that a global […]

Nokia’s 3D Maps are Basically a GTA V Preview

Google Maps 3D never looked too good to me, Nokia’s attempt is considerably more impressive though. Using […]

Netflix Has an ISP Speed Index

Netflix has created a great site that logs major ISPs based on country and shows […]