Somber Infographic Envisions Known US Drone Kills

How many people have US drones killed? Have a guess. In total, an estimated 3,105 […]

Autonomous Supply Helicopter Successful in Afghanistan

Lockheed Martin have created a remote-controlled helicopter for dangerous supply missions in Afghanistan and its […]

DARPA BigDog Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks

Boston Dynamics build some of the most cutting-edge robots out there. BigDog is one mean […]

Watch Nuclear Explosions in HD

There’s something about watching footage of a nuclear explosion that’s a bit scary.  Why not […]

Black Hornet: Super Expensive Nano Drone

The Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle is a tiny remote-controlled helicopter that stops troops […]

New Iranian Jet: Qaher-313

Looking like something out of Ace Combat, this new bomber is designed and made entirely in Iran. […]

ARGUS-IS: 18 Giga-pixel Spy Camera

BAE Systems and DARPA have developed an insane camera called the Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging […]

Good at COD & BF3? Try your skills in real life

A company called iCOMBAT has created an experience for all warfare loving people who think […]

50kW Laser can Shoot down Drones and Mortar Shells

A German defence company called Rheinmetall has successfully created a duel-beam laser turret that’s accurate enough to shoot […]