Film Characters Made From LEGO

Master Lego builder Angus MacLane creates some spectacular things, now including film characters in his distinctive CubeDude […]

LEGO Series 10 Minifigs Revealed

Well this is exciting! The next series of Lego Minifigs to go on sale have […]

New LEGO UCS Set to be Red Five X-Wing

That’s right, you better put some money aside for May this year as the new […]

Ultimate LEGO Shop: The Brick Stop

Yet again a Kickstarter project looks really exciting, it offers something that should have been […]

Bioshock Rapture: A LEGO build

Does what it says on the tin.  The world of Rapture built entirely from Lego. […]

The LEGO Ball Clock

Jason Allemann has created a fantastic clock that’s made entirely out of Lego.  He didn’t use a conventional design but […]

Original Macintosh in LEGO

To celebrate the Apple Macintosh’s 29th birthday Chirs McVeigh has created the machine in Lego.  His design […]

The Lego Minifig Infographic

The iconic design of the Lego minifig is beautiful and rich in history.  For your […]

Lego Machine Sorts Lego

You should be familiar with The Great Ball Contraption (if not then watch it first), but this […]

Recreating Famous Movie Scenes with Lego

What could be better than using Lego to recreate the most famous movie scenes of […]

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this…

As a special present from jHack, why not watch this amazing piece of stop-motion.  You […]

LEGO Bag End – Life Size!

Well, the film might have been crap, but LEGO know how to make something amazing.  As a […]