Anonymous Hackers Take Control of NK Twitter & Flickr Accounts

Twitter and Flickr accounts associated with North Korea have been hacked and subsequently defaced by Anonymous. Highly […]

Anonymous Hacks NK News Site & Demands Kim Jong-un Resign

North Korea’s recent threats against South Korea and the United States haven’t gone unnoticed by […]

Top 10 Worst Movie Hacks

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Largest DDOS Attack Ever is Slowing Down Global Internet Traffic

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Hacking a NES to Mine Bitcoins

‘Mining’ bitcoins is a lucrative business if you’re canny and have a lot of money […]

Billboard Hackers Given an iPad Each for Their Hard Work

For once a story about students hacking something has ended without prison time on the […]

‘Hacking the Xbox’ Released for Free in Memory of Aaron Swartz

The author of Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Andrew “bunnie” Huang, has released his book […]

Arduino Powered Chess

Playing chess with your friend on the other side of the planet is nothing new; […]

Kim Dotcom Offers €10,000 to Break Mega’s Security

Yep, Kim Dotcom’s so confident in the open source security used on his file sharing […]

The Hexapod Hexacopter – Welcome to the Future

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