Google Has Released Chrome 26

A new version of Google’s highly popular browser is out today. To update simply visit […]

Google Chrome Maze Experiment

You can now turn any of your favourite webpages into a cool 3D maze game […]

“Don’t be evil” Might Have Just Left the Building

Google has just made the controversial move to remove Adblock Plus and other advert blocking apps from […]

Google Maps Indoors Hits Australia

The best map service just got better – Google Maps now supports internal building plans […]

Chrome OS Impossible to Hack

The Chromebook’s operating system: Chrome OS, has proven to be too hard to hack at […]

How Google Glass Will Really Be Used…

The implications for society when Google Glass is finally available will be great – I guarantee that […]

Google Chromebook Pixel: Rip-Off to the Max

The new Chromebook has broken the current ethos, it’s really expensive.  The WiFi only version will cost… […]

What’s it Like to Wear Google Glass?

Google’s project to bring a HUD into your life is really gaining momentum.  You can […]

Google Building New £1 Billion HQ in London

The internet search giant has purchased a huge piece of land to start work on […]

Google Drones to Fill the Sky

No it’s not what you think.  Google isn’t about to spy on all of us […]