SpaceGlasses, Augmented Reality Glasses

Ever wanted to become Iron man? Well, you won’t be able to fly or be […]

Epic Algorithm Prints Videogame Characters by playing Tetris

Software architect Michael Birken has created the Tetris Printer Algorithm, a program that can draw […]

Upgrading through every version of Windows: 5.0 to 7

Okay, so not every version of Windows – this video was made a few years […]

Steve Wozniak Explains Virtualization in a Fun Video

The tech grandmaster, Steve Wozniak, has narrated a video depicting how one of today’s most […]

Blast From the Past: Buying a Computer in 1993 (video)

Purchasing a personal computer when 2MB of RAM was a luxury wasn’t a fun task, […]

IBM Transistor Modification could Maintain Moore’s Law

IBM has come up with a modification to the current transistor design that will allow […]

Science Museum: Vote for the Greatest British Innovation

The Science Museum has set up a fantastic platform allowing everyone to vote for the best past […]

The Eight Quadrillionth Bit of π is 0

To celebrate Pi Day, one researcher has found more digits of the magical ratio than […]

Amazing 3D Desktop Developed at Microsoft

The SpaceTop is a 3D desktop environment that’s been demonstrated for the first time by creator Jinha […]

University of Leeds Creates Submerged Server Farm

Using a non-conductive liquid to cool computers has been proven in the past to be […]

The Smallest ARM Processor Ever is Designed to Inhabit You

Moore’s law isn’t really viable any more in the personal computing world as there’s only […]

Famous People: You Really Should Learn How to Program

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