Why I’m so excited for Far Cry 3 (I’m a PC gamer)

The next instalment of Far Cry is nearly here.  What will it be like?  Probably awesome.

WTF: Computer games kill man in Thailand?

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ERMAGERD! Look at these Skyrim Shots!

Skyrim. I’ve always loved it, and sure, it’s a great looking game with .ini tweaks […]

Angry Gamers Force The Return of Nuketown 2025

Treyarch, the developers behind Black Op II recently announced that they were reserving the online […]

Complaints Over Wii U Visuals

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PC Gamer claim Hitman: Absolution “Is a mess”

Many pc gaming fans of the Hitman franchise may be disappointed by what they find […]

Assassins Creed Movie set for 2013 Release

 Ubisoft’s chief sales and marketing officer, Geoffroy Sardin, spoke with Gamesindustry International in a recent […]

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Teaser Trailer

This is the first trailer for Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, the much anticipated sequel […]

Dishonored Review (PC): Best Served Cold.

In Dishonored, you assume the role of Corvo Attono, the renowned bodyguard to the Empress. […]