Epic Algorithm Prints Videogame Characters by playing Tetris

Software architect Michael Birken has created the Tetris Printer Algorithm, a program that can draw […]

Welcome to the Internet Archive

If you’ve never heard of the Internet Archive then you’re in for a treat. They […]

Upgrading through every version of Windows: 5.0 to 7

Okay, so not every version of Windows – this video was made a few years […]

Ultimate Costume: Darth Malgus

Creating highly detailed costumes for use in movies and as a way of showing just […]

Intel i7 4770K Gets Overclocked To 7GHz

The next series of i7 chips aren’t even available to the public yet, but a […]

Bitcoin Explained

What exactly is a bitcoin? Thanks to a clear and concise video made by Duncan Elms, bitcoin is […]

Cheap Green Laser Examination

Mike from mikeselectricstuff, the YouTube channel that received second place in the Top 5: Electrical Engineering […]

Fusion-io Unveils 1.6 TB ioFX super-SSD

All the speed. Fusion-io have upped their range of super-expensive, super-SSDs. Their newest offering comes […]

We Have a Forum! Welcome to moot

Using bleeding-edge technology is always fun… In this case anyway, that should be true. Moot.it […]

Apple Devices Set to Outsell Microsoft this Year

For the first time, Apple is predicted to outsell Microsoft’s offerings thanks to smartphone sales. Market […]

MōVI – The Camera Stabilizer That Will Change Cinematography Forever

Stabilising video cameras is very challenging, the current systems are large, expensive and require trained technicians to […]

Darth Baby Strikes Back [video]

This video is a masterclass in how to get after effects looking really good, and […]