IKEA now selling Solar Panels in the UK

Good old IKEA. The Swedish company is now diversifying into solar panels for your home. […]

Solar Panels from IKEA

Apple Facing 5 Year eBook Ban

Lovely Apple is now facing a 5 year ban for illegally inflating eBook prices. In […]

Apple Ebooks

Learning about FPGAs with Dave Jones

Do you know what an FPGA is? My knowledge prior to watching the following video was limited […]

Do want: Corsair Voyager Air

I’ve just stumbled across a very unique product from Corsair – the PC builder’s best […]

Corsair Voyager Air

Pitifully Slow Broadband Speeds can be Solved With Satellite Broardband

The standard internet speed for many American citizens, particularly those living in remote areas, is […]

Super Fast Broadband

UK Government: Design Principles

If you’ve visited a government website recently you might have noticed the clean and recognisable […]

Snowden Reveals GCHQ Surveillance on 2009 G20 Summit Members

The Guardian has reported more juicy details demonstrating the extent of spying throughout these ‘free’ […]

EU to End Mobile Roaming Charges Next Year

From next year mobile phone users across the European Union will not be subject to […]

Exploring Skyrim in Virtual Reality with Red Rovr

Wondering around the highly-detailed landscape in Skyrim just got a lot more fun thanks to […]

Online Throttling & Site-Blocking to be Outlawed in Europe

Under new rules soon to be enforced across Europe, ISPs can’t block or throttle customers […]