Xbox One Launch Titles

Microsoft’s Xbox team have confirmed the final list of titles that will be available for […]

PS4 Release Date To Be Announced Later Today

Looking forward to the PS4? Sony will announce the release date of its next-gen console […]


Yes, you read the title right. The guys at the University of West England have […]

SpaceGlasses, Augmented Reality Glasses

Ever wanted to become Iron man? Well, you won’t be able to fly or be […]

HTC First – The First Phone with Facebook Home Built In

After months of collaboration between HTC and Facebook, their new smartphone has finally been announced. At first […]

Meet Facebook’s New ‘Home’ On Android

There have been rumors circulating the blogosphere over the past weeks that Facebook’s was planning […]

The Best Tech April Fools’ Day Gags of 2013

Hope you had a wonderful April Fools’ day. As usual most of the major companies, including Google, got […]

YouTube No Longer Accepting New Uploads

After tonight YouTube will no longer be accepting new uploads. The creators of YouTube came up with the idea for […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the new Samsung Galaxy’s leaked feature, an Eye-Tracking system. This […]

Gears of War: Judgement Launch Trailer

Xbox has promised that if this video reaches 100,000 views by Friday, March 15th, they will […]

Rock Paper Scissors Robot Always Wins

In this research we develop a janken (rock-paper-scissors) robot with 100% winning rate as one […]