My Most Anticipated Games Of 2015

There is no doubt that 2015 is going to be an excellent year for gaming with huge titles such as Batman: Arkham Knight (which I am eagerly awaiting), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has just been played through by big names such as PCGamer and Eurogamer,  and also the PC/next-gen versions of GTA V which, let’s be honest, everyone is looking forward to.

But, this article is more about what I am looking forward to play and also which games look the most in intriguing.  So here they are, I am sure you will probably agree with me on a lot of them:

*the following games are in no particular order concerning how excited I am for them or any other reasons*

1. Assassin’s Creed: Victory

Ever since it began on its crusade of annual game releases, there are many people that have been put off by the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  I mean they are are essentially just doing the same thing every year. That makes them no better than Call of Duty, right? Well, I actually don’t think that at all. I mean, while Black Flag was by no means an Assassin’s Creed game, it was still bloody good. Definitely better than Revelations or last year’s Unity by any stretch of the imagination. Ahhhh, Unity, that’s a completely different kettle of wish that isn’t worth getting into at the moment. It was disappointing, that’s all that needs to be said.


So, why am I so excited for this year’s offering of hidden blade stabby-ness? The main reason would be that it is set in Victorian London. This is somewhere that I have wanted to explore in the series since ACII (the best in the series don’t you know?) because the setting itself could be so immersive. Ubisoft out did themselves when then they recreated Venice in Renaissance Italy. Everything just felt so right, but I would bet a lot of money they they could make Landannn even better! The screenshot above kind of illustrates what I am trying to get a across. Who doesn’t want to chase down pick pockets through the smog-laden, cobbled streets of old London? Well, I do.

Quite frankly though I’ll be happy so long as they get rid of  them tailing missions. We have been seeing them in every game for at least the last few years and it is probably time that Ubisoft stated thinking of some fresh gaming mechanics to get gamers excited about Assassin’s Creed again. The worst thing they can do is using the ideas that don’t work, or that are getting stale again and again just because it is what they already know. Hopefully this will be awesome, definitely a game to look out for.

Release: Q4 2015.

2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This game is a bit of a weird one for me to write about  because I have honestly never played a Metal Gear Solid game before, but they have always seemed like they would be up my alley either way. So I have, however, done some extensive reading into the game and found that one of the big major changes will be the introduction of an open world environment, which is something that I will never say no to.  As long as it bares some resemblance to a Splinter Cell game, I should feel right at home. Check out a video of it below:

Release: TBA 2015.

3. Star Wars: Battlefront

The original Star Wars: Battlefront games, of which there were only ever two, took up a lot of my time earlier on in life. They were really what got me into Star Wars in the first place so these games were always a joy to play, alone or with a friend. There was a long wait after the first two  games before a new game was even mentioned but, unfortunately, LucasArts failed at reviving the game series.

Thankfully though, we now have EA and shooter specialists DICE (responsible for the Battlefield games since Bad Company) taking the helm for a complete re-boot, and I can only imagine how awesome it is going to be. Having said that, we have seen very little of the game as of yet, with only a trailer shown at E3 and some screenshots before hand to go on. Much of what the game holds remains shrouded in mystery but with the game apparently making a late 2015 release, we can hope to see a lot more of it over the year and definitely during this year’s E3.

Release: Q4 2015.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider


I was never really a Lara Croft fan before I played 2013’s Tomb Raider, the successful reboot of the Lara Croft video game series. Sure I didn’t mind the Angelina Jolie films and I have some fond memories of playing the earlier games on the PlayStation 1, but I never liked any of those games to the extent that I played through the whole thing several times and loved every single second in doing so. It is therefore no surprise that I am very much looking forward to Rise of the Tomb Raider, a direct to follow up to the previous game. I may, however, have to play it on a console, as I am not completely sure that it is coming out on PC.

Release: TBA 2015.

5. No Man’s Sky:

No Man’s Sky is definitely the most interesting game to be coming out next year. What we know is that it allows you to explore a universe and discover new planets and creatures, all with other people that are already online. If yon manage to discover a new planet, you get to name is, which is pretty awesome. You can have a look at the video below to understand more clearly why I am looking forward to this game:

Release: TBA 2015.

6. Batman: Arkham Knight


This is one is pretty self explanatory as you’ve probably already seen how excited for this game I am. I am indeed very excited but it saddens me that this is the last one in the series (apparently). I do hope though that Rocksteady go on and make other super hero video games. You know what I’d love? A spiritual successor to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, that game was freaking awesome. Anyway, yeah, Arkham Knight, It’s gonna be good.

Release: June 2nd 2015

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


This is another one that should be kind of obvious but year, I cannot wait for this one. There were a few things that I wanted while playing The Witcher 2 (including better optimization on the PC version) and one of them things that stood out was the possible introduction of an open world to roam Geralt of Rivia about in. The second game was all in all a very linear experience. Expertly crafted, but linear. The new installment will introduce monster tracking, a huge game world, new monsters, new weapons, new characters and just generally more of everything that you will love. It has been delayed nearly countless times now so we can pretty much assume than when it comes out it will be beautifully polished and optimized so we will have the best, smoothest gameplay experience possible.

Release: May 19th 2015

Well that is a few of the games that I am looking forward to this year, write down some of yours in the comments below.

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