Ken Levine Teasing New Sci-Fi Game

Ken Levine, the man behind the BioShock franchise has been teasing that there is another sci-fi themed game on the way, which is very exciting considering his previous successes. As we all know, Irrational Games are no more, which will make this the first game from Ken’s new, smaller team of developers.

There obviously isn’t a lot about the game that we know at the moment but Ken has been saying that he and his team have been looking into first-person as the view mode for the game. He continues:

“I think small open worldish (but not necessarily outdoors) RPG with quest structure coming from passion system,”

I very much doubt that this will be a BioShock game but I am excited none the less. He also states that 2014’s Shadow of Mordor validated interest in him for “Narrative Replayability”. He was asked how much of an impact Shadow of Mordor actually had:

“Had Mordor impacted the project? mostly in that it validated that people would care about narrative replayability.”

You can check out his GDC presentation below [GameInformer via PCGamer]:

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