Things I Want From The Elder Scrolls VI

I remember the times when I played both Oblivion and Skyrim for the first time. Both of these are amazing games. Granted, I am not nearly as experienced with Morrowind as I am with these two games, but I enjoyed the time I spent with it none the less. The games hold a strong formula, of that there is no doubt, but there still comes a time where you find yourself asking  what more there is that the developers of your favourite game series can do. There are so many things that could be included in the next Elder Scrolls game but these are the things that I want to see.


I distinctly remember reading in an article before the release of Skyrim that the game would feature some potential environmental destruction. For example, casting a fire based spell over a wooden structure would slowly burn said wood and eventually the whole building. Well either I completely imagined reading that or Bethesda just didn’t live up to their promise, but this was something that wasn’t included in the final game. I want to see the destruction of fortresses and castles, the burning of fields, and the decimation of cities! Oh, that brings me onto my next point….


Bigger Cities and a Bigger World In General:

Another thing that I swear Bethesda promised for Skyrim was bigger cities! Yeah no doubt they were more interesting than the offerings Oblivion made, but they were still no bigger than a village or something of the same ilk. The worst offenders have to be Winterhold, Dawnstar and to an extent, Falkreath. These “cities” consist of no more than a few buildings. One of the main reasons I am excited for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is its promise of a huge open world with a sprawling cities that open up more and more content.

I guess what I am really asking for here is a bigger scale and that means bigger cities and with a lot more people populating them, which would in turn hopefully mean even more side quests. Even in Skyrim’s civil ‘war’, the final battles consisted of armies which had around 20 men each. This isn’t good enough and, in my opinion, this is has always been the games’ biggest of problems.

A More Focused PC Experience:

One of the first mods I remember installing for Skyrim was SkyUI. I honestly can’t imagine playing the game without it anymore. Bethesda need to make sure that we have at least a more keyboard and mouse orientated interface, rather than getting the game-pad focused equivalent. And to be honest, SkyUI works just as well with the game-pad, so there are no excuses!


More Choices and Consequences:

While there is a sort of crime and punishment system in Skyrim and Oblivion, these games never really made you suffer for your actions. You’re always able to simply buy your way out of sticky situations, even if you’ve done something as terrible as killing a….chicken. Even just the acts of letting someone live or deciding this is their end could have dramatic consequences and make for more interesting quest-lines and maybe even multiple endings to the game. The possibilities could, quite possibly, be endless.

More Violence:

I really hope this doesn’t make me sound like a violent person, but the next game definitely needs to be more visceral in its combat. This means more blood, more killing animations and more ways to kill. One of the most popular mods in the Skyrim Nexus (and one I also use) is the Enhanced Blood Textures mod. This means that this is obviously what the people want. Make it happen, Bethesda.

Better AI:

This may seem like a bit of an obvious one but it still counts! Skyrim suffers from something that many other games have, which is where the NPCs, enemy or not, just don’t seem to have any awareness. I could be sitting on one side of a cave, and pick off someone who is stood next to a buddy. After my arrow connects and his body hits the ground, his buddy will search around for about 30 seconds and end up declaring that it must have been the sodding wind or something like that. He has an arrow sticking out of his face and you’ve come to the conclusion that it all must have been your imagination? Skyrim, sort yourself out for goodness sake.

To Conclude…

Well these are just some of things that I am hoping will be included in the newest installment. I know that there are some other features I could have included, such as the possibility of co-op play, but personally that doesn’t interest me anyway. I need the next TES to have the best stealth, action, magic and exploration elements of any game I have ever played, all rolled into the best setting I’ve ever set my virtual feet across. You know what? I think Bethesda might just be able to pull it off. Leave you thoughts and anything you want to share in the comments section below!

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