Witcher 3 Gets Release Date And New Trailer

E3 is literally just around the corner and one of the many games that people are looking forward to seeing more of is CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The latest news surrounding the game before we see more of the game at E3 is a new trailer and a solid release date. The game has already been delayed once so this is a date that should definitely stand (and we really hope so). The new trailer is entitled “The Sword of Destiny” and shows us more of the new, bearded Geralt and the quest that he will be undertaking for the main portion of the game.

As the end of the trailer states, we should be seeing the game released on the 24th of February 2015. I am more than happy to wait this length of time if the game is going to turn out anything like I think it is going to. Check out the trailer below and be sure to leave a comment in the section below if you so wish: