Far Cry 4 Announced!

I know that this is kinda late news now but it is still important news none the less: FAR CRY 4 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!!! Forgive me if I seem excited but this is a pretty big deal. Far Cry 3 was one of my all time favourite games ever and undoubtedly my favourite game of 2013. It lost some of the features of Far Cry 2 but also brought along some new ones, including having to fend off all manner of wildlife and having the ability to craft different medicines and gear. It also introduced us to one of the richest and most rewarding open worlds in gaming history in the form of Rook Island, where everyone and everything was out to kill you.

LOOK AT THAT FRICKING SUIT! That is probably the first thing that you’ll think when you check out the box art below for the next installment of the Far Cry series. There isn’t much information to be going on but we will undoubtedly be seeing some more of this game at this year’s E3. All we do know about the game is that it is set in the Himalayas, which means it is likely we will be fighting against more wildlife. All in all, this is looking to be a very good year for gaming. [PCGamer]


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