Kingdom Come: Deliverance Meets Kickstarter Goal In Less Than Two Days

Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks amazing, and since the first gameplay footage was released (the video at the bottom of this article) it has easily become one of my most anticipated games. If anything, this game just hits the point home that this is indeed an exciting time for RPG fans everywhere, with other games such as The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition on the horizon. A non-fantasy medieval RPG isn’t really something I had considered before, but now I have, I want it all the more.

Apparently I am not the only one that would love to see this game available with the project hitting its £300,000 goal in only 36 hours. Feel like backing the game yourself? Do so here. The project has nearly reached £460,000, and with 25 days still to go, who knows what it could reach.

Warhorse, the studio behind the game, posted on their Facebook page:

“This resounding confirmation of what we’ve been working on for almost two years just makes everything worthwhile.”

“Now, with our goal reached, it’s time for stretch goals and we shall announce the first one today. I [Warhorse founder Daniel Vávra, we presume] would also like to make one thing clear: we have come to an understanding with our investor that every penny we make above the Kickstarter goal will stay with us and will go toward making Kingdom Come: Deliverance better.”

If you haven’t heard of Warhorse Studios before, they are located in the Czech Republic and  have worked on games including the Mafia series and others. Even though Kingdom Come isn’t set for publishing until late 2015, the gameplay video below is still enough to get you more than excited. The game also makes use of the CryEngine, so it is good-looking to say the least, but see for yourself: