New Frictional Games Title Teased With Trailer

I was pretty excited when I was pointed to the site teasing the next title from the developers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Frictional Games. When most people first noticed the new domain, all it contained was a simple loading screen; a countdown to something bigger.

Well, now we have what we were waiting for, a brand new game announcement from Frictional Games, which is bound to get a few people excited. The title of the new game is SOMA, and we have been left with another tease, this time in the form of some cool notes (a “Case File”) to read and an interesting video to watch.  There are more case files on the site to be revealed so there is undoubtedly more teasing on the way.

The text in the file goes hand in hand with the video, which I recommend you watch below. What do you make of the trailer and what we have seen so far? It of course has the potential to be scary, but just how scary? Answers on a postcard.