Massive Nividia Price Drop

With the release of the new range of AMD graphics cards and with the next-gen consoles just around the corner, the competition between AMD and Nvidia has never been more intense. Just recently, we saw some key evidence for this; a massive price drop of Nvidia’s GTX 780 and 770 by more than $150.

This is more than likely a response to the release of AMD’s new flagship graphics card, the R9 290X, which before had the ability to out-perform the GTX 780, and for a cheaper price.

The GTX 780 has now dropped from $640 to $499, making it $50 cheaper than the R9 290X, even if AMD’s offering does still slightly outperform the competition. However, Nvidia are also offering the GTX 780 in a holiday bundle which will include free copies of Splinter Cell: BlacklistBatman: Arkham Origins and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, which means that you would make a saving of $100 (£62.12). [Forbes]

All sounds pretty tempting, eh?

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