Pitifully Slow Broadband Speeds can be Solved With Satellite Broardband

Super Fast Broadband

The standard internet speed for many American citizens, particularly those living in remote areas, is appalling. Just like in the UK, remote areas rely on ageing infrastructure to deliver low-quality, very expensive broadband to their homes and business.

Now, AT&T wants me back. Having finally brought its fiber-to-the-local-node U-Verse system to my town, AT&T sent me a letter this week offering “great low prices” and “a whole lot more.” The low price turned out to be $19.95 a month. The “whole lot more” turned out to be:

  • A one-year term commitment
  • Up to $180 in early termination fees
  • $99 installation charge
  • $6/month fee to rent a DSL modem/router, should I need one
  • “Up to 768k” connection speeds

Yes, you read that last point right. This incredible deal package provides Internet so slow that it is still measured in kilobits per second. (The upside? No real worries about burning through your 250GB/month data limit.) [arstechnica]

In the UK many users also suffer from terrible broadband via old BT lines that simply can’t cut it when the nearest exchange is 10 miles away. What’s the alternative?

Google are developing Project Loon to solve this problem, but it isn’t likely to be available to everyone any time soon. The most viable way of getting truly high-quality broadband to the most rural areas is satellite broadband. Clearly the prices are marginally higher than a standard cable or fibre connection, but satellite broadband can reach every nook and cranny of the countryside.

An example of services available in my neck of the woods is satellite broadband from Gateway of Technology, an IT & telecoms company based in Lincolnshire. Their satellite broadband offers highly competitive rates and truly unlimited downloads with some packages. If you live in the middle of nowhere, satellite broadband is a great solution.

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