Do want: Corsair Voyager Air

Corsair Voyager Air

I’ve just stumbled across a very unique product from Corsair – the PC builder’s best friend. They’ve created an external hard disk that encapsulates a very sizable battery and an Ethernet port, plus Wi-Fi. The wireless interface allows this little device to share data, including streaming films, with up to five devices. Your smartphone, tablet and laptop can all have access simultaneously using the device’s wireless network.

You might think that you’d lose internet access to your devices if they’re connected. You’d be wrong. The Voyager Air can provide internet access through its wired or wireless interface to other connected devices – very clever. All of these great features are packaged in an attractive housing that would look good on your office desk or on a coffee table.

Corsair offers the device in two colours: black and red. The drive comes in 500GB and 1TB flavours although it should be possible to upgrade the HDD – to the best of my knowledge it’s only a standard 2.5 inch SATA drive. To add media you don’t have to connect to the Voyager Air via the network, it also includes a USB 3 port, offering great transfer speeds. Currently Amazon UK is offering the 1TB version for just £150 and I can safely say that I’m very tempted. No other device includes such portability and plethora of features. Oh, and did I mention the battery life is ~7 hours when streaming HD video to one connected device. Android and iOS apps are available and the disk can be formatted for Mac use.

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