Sign This Petition To Get The Division On PC

I loved this year’s E3. There were so many great games lined up, from the strategically superior Total War: Rome II to the immensely fun Saint’s Row IV, and all I could think of was blowing my hard earned money on them. One of the games that really stood out for me was Tom Clancy’s The Division, a post-plague MMORPG which sees you and a group of friends toughing it out in the Big Apple.

The E3 demo of the game impressed me to the extent where I thought that I would definitely have to pick up the game. So you can imagine my (along with many other members of the PC gaming community) horror when I discovered that Ubisoft hadn’t actually confirmed the game for coming out for my favourite platform.  The PC was, and apparently still is, a mere “possible future”.

Well now, thankfully, we can do something more about it. According to DSOGaming, the developer were hinting at PC gamers to sign a petition for the game to arrive on PC. The petition in question already has over 50,000 signatures and counting.

You can sign it right…here.

The real question? What are Ubisoft playing at? Is this just some attempt at building more hype for the game, or something else?  Either way, it shouldn’t have had to have come to this. PC gamers having to, for use of a better word, beg for a game to be brought to the platform isn’t good at all. Another day, another reason to hate a developer.

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